Pottsville PA Band Network

If you'd like to help support the bands, musicians, and myself it would greatly be appreciated. 

All subscription profits will be put towards my work in all aspects of promotion and towards bringing you my best work and also towards helping me be able to continue to bring you updated info, and possibly in the future fan clubs for each band/musician, etc, newsletters, and more. 

I've  been very fortunate to be able to create videos of my beloved bands and musicians live performances that people actually watch, but I'm never satisfied to settle where I'm at. 

I always want to continue to grow and expand, whether it be upgrading equipment, hiring help renting filming locations, etc. 

Pottsville PA Band Network is  a very small group, basically right now it's just myself and I tend to overextend myself both physically and monetarily, doing everything from traveling hundreds of miles to attend the live performances, to uploading the videos and photos to my website, youtube, facebook, along with keeping up posting to my website and facebook page to bring everyone the schedules of upcoming events for the bands/musicians, booking events, bands, musicians and more. 

I  don't expect or assume anyone will contribute any more to my projects than simply watching my videos, viewing my photos,etc.   I  appreciate that by itself. 

But if you feel like contributing more and becoming an official member of "Pottsville PA Band Network"  it'll all go back into creating more stuff and to bringing you great entertainment, up to date info on all your favorite bands/musicians, schedules of events, and more!! 

From time to time, the site may go a few weeks without any new videos being posted, but rest assured that just because I'm not posting something doesn't mean I'm not working hard on stuff behind the scenes, usually multiple projects at once because I'm kind of crazy. I tend to spend longer editing my videos than it seems many other online video creators do because it's my favorite aspect and I like to get creative with it whenever possible. 

So please hit that subscribe button above and for the very small price of $10.00 per month you will become an official member of Pottsville PA Band Network which will entitle you to the star treatment, and more!! 

Thank you!!