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The Atlanta Cafe Band

The Atlanta Café Band is a Blues based Southern/Country & Classic rock band. Playing original songs and select covers from favorite artists!

Atlanta Cafe consists of of 4 well traveled vets of the blues/southern/Country/Rock Scene,  Charlie Ohlweiler (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Harp, Wallace Wrede(Bass/Backing vocals, Bob Vnencak(Drums/backing vocals), & Paul Sobolewski(Lead Guitar/Vocals)  

They have been together for the past decade playing hundreds and hundreds of shows while at the same time receiving very respectable airplay and sales of their CD "Waiting all night." 
Their own compositions of blues/southern rock styled tunes along with a different take on selected covers has garnered them a dedicated following in the New York tri state area. 
Over the years the members have been in bands with players from and/or in concert/festivals with many many national acts including: Blackfoot/Skynryd, Vanilla Fudge, George Porter, Jon Cleary, Tab Benoit, Marcia Ball, Anthony Gomes, The Good Rats, Mickey Gilley, Hank Williams Jr, Buck Owens, Willie Nile, Garland Jefferies, Tedeshi Trucks, Brewer and Shipley, From Good Homes and many, many others. 
They have appeared at the Black Potatoe Fest, The Highlands Fest at Waterloo, WNTI Stage Music Fest, Big Brew Fest , NJ Food and Music Fest, and Michael Arnones Craw Fish Festival where they conducted a masters session and shared the stage with Grammy award winners George Porter, Marcia Ball and Jon Cleary. 
They also have worked with Homegrown Radio NJ and WNTI at various events and benefits for the stations. Come on out to hear them as their music will put a smile on your face, a stomp in your feet and a boogie in your pocket!

Joe Cirotti

Joe at Panther

 Joe Cirotti   JOE CIROTTI

 A singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist from rural Northern New Jersey. mR. CIROTTI has been playing his whole life.

Having toured the U.S. and Europe, he has 6 official releases.
4 with his rock band "Only Living Boy" iNCLUDING:
The self titled/self released "Only Living Boy" released 8/1/2008
The Critically acclaimed "Hide Nothing" produced by Paul Ritchie(The Parlor Mob) and John Nolland,released 6/21/2011
"Cool Collected Head Case" released 5/9/2013
"Little Fish" released 2/28/2015.
If you'd like to purchase please go to:  https://onlylivingboy.bandcamp.com/
2 solo albums:
"MOOD SWINGS" released 11/29/2014
"RERUNS" released 12/10/16. 
His solo albums were both written, recorded, and mastered by Mr. Cirotti.
more info and tour dates, booking, etc. CAN BE FOUND WITH A visit TO his new website www.joecirottimusic.com
To purchase his solo releases please visit:  https://joecirotti.bandcamp.com/



Current Band Members as of Summer 2017
|| Brandon Yeagley - Lead Vocals, Harmonica || Bishop - Guitar, Vocals || James Alexander Lascu of Wilson-Bass || Dan Ryan - Drums
Pottsville, PA
Record Label
Razor & Tie
New Album 'Welcome To Fat City' Out Now!



Dirty. Groove. Rock.

The current four members of Crobot — Brandon Yeagley (lead vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), James Alexander Lascu of the band Wilson filling in on Bass and  Dan Ryan (drums) — have united to continue to keep bringing us a blending funk, blues, metal and good old-fashioned rock and roll into a howling vortex of Yeagley’s vocals, Bishop’s guitar and the James & Dan's backbone. 
Crobot have crafted an album of endless good time rock hooks that sound as inspired today as they would have on AOR radio in 1974.

“We grew up with the same riff rock and it’s seemingly lacking in today’s music. We really seem to like the rock of old and felt that was missing,” Yeagley says.

Crobot is a band that can rock at all tempos. Whether it’s the slow-building groove of “Skull Of Geronimo,” a methodical sludge-rocker that calls to mind Soundgarden in the chorus or the more up-tempo funkified “Nowhere To Hide,” a track that sounds like the Black Crowes driving a Camaro, Crobot display stellar musicianship and lyrical depth.

For example, on “Queen Of The Light,” the powerful closing track of Something Supernatural, Yeagley sings the story of a girl yearning for a new life. “She lives the darkest life/but all she wants to be is the queen of the light,” he sings against the plaintive wailing of the slow-moving melody. It’s one of the songs destined to strike a deep chord with fans in the same way the single “Nowhere To Hide” has become a good-time anthem.

“Nowhere To Hide” is one of the songs Yeagley cites as getting his feet wiggling. And he promises that on Something Supernatural there will be plenty more grooves to get fans moving, as those who’ve experienced Crobot live have already seen.

Musically, “Skull Of Geronimo” is one Yeagley sees as being undeniably representative of Crobot. “That’s a little on the heavier end of the spectrum, but it’s still got that funkiness to it,” he says. And lyrically, “Wizards” might be the Crobot statement song.

“It’s an epic tale of two wizards. One is on the side of wizardry and technology while the other is the side of natural spiritual wizardry and it’s a clash of funkiness and classic metal too in the same sense. So it’s a battle of epic proportions on all sides,” he says. “It’s just a song that fulfills all the ends of the spectrum of what Crobot is.”

Then there is the storytelling ability they show on a song like “La Mano De Lucifer,” a Biblical tale that starts off, “A failed rebellion/against the one creator/exiled to the fire.”

A modern rock band with a sense of humor CROBOT has already been making their mark among peers with their wild live performances. But for Crobot, at the end of the day, it is all about the sound.

“All I care about is that people walk away after hearing the album thinking, ‘Man, Crobot is the funkiest, heaviest band I’ve ever heard,’” Bishop says.

Mission accomplished.
Current Location
Pottsville, PA
General Manager
Booking agent
TKO Agency - Melanie Milioto - melaniemilioto@tkoco.com



Josh DeJesus- Bass & Vocals
Tim McCann - Guitar
Drew Palovcak - Guitar
Ryan Templeton - Percussion 

Lansdale PA

For booking or other related inquiries please email us at 
To Purchase their music please head on over to: https://geniverse.bandcamp.com/

Rosey Bengal

Rosey Bengal
Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Jazz, Soul, Pop, Calypso, Big Band
Evan - Guitar, Vocals
Jim - Guitar, Lap Steel, Vocals
Adam - Bass
Branden - Drums
Mike - Piano/Organ
Sussex, NJ
Press Contact
Booking Agent

Uncle Einar

Uncle Einar

Uncle Einar

 Jon Petry and Rich Samartin from Sussex County, New Jersey.

Both Jon and Rich have been playing together for a very long time and have grown to develop an instinctual playing style that can be seen and heard during live shows.

Jon Petry's guitar style is greatly influenced by Neil Young, Jesse Lacey (Brand New), Jessica Lea Mayfield, and Leslie Feist and Kurt Cobain;writing guitar riffs that utilize heavy, scratchy tones and dirty fuzz.

Rich Samartin's drumming style was developed over years of coping with difficult times in his life while using a snappy, loose-limb style and references Zak Hill as a major influence.

There music touches upon dark subject matter like dealing with mental illness and substance abusE